All dogs will be allowed on public transport, as in other cities

The protest is scheduled for Saturday. At 10 a.m., the masters and their dogs met at Place de la République in Strasbourg. Their claim? “Access to public transport must become a right for all dogs in the Eurometropolis”, is written on the poster of the association “Terre des Chiens”.

“We have already launched a petition and now we are trying to be heard because it is the most difficult city for them. I know what I’m talking about, I lived in Paris, Lyon, Bourges or Soissons, it was much simpler, ”explains Vice-President Laure Souchard-Lespinas. It refers in particular to the “rules of good conduct” of the CTS. In Strasbourg buses and trams, “only small, suitably locked up pets and guide and assistance dogs are allowed on board the vehicles”.

This is almost an exception in the French landscape. In the capital, they are all authorized in the metros and trams, not the buses, “muzzled and kept on a leash”. The principle is the same in Nice, Montpellier or Grenoble. Bordeaux wants to be even more precise by excluding “category 1 and 2 dogs”, said to be dangerous. Finally, Lyon stands out by imposing a paying title, “Waf”, on these famous four-legged companions weighing more than 6 kg.

So why does Strasbourg stand out from the others? “I have only been dealing with this file for two years, responds to 20 minutes the vice-president of the Eurometropolis Alain Jund. We might have been able to act before, but the Covid-19 was an element of disruption. For a while, for example, bicycles were no longer allowed before making their comeback [sous conditions]. “But the elected environmentalist announces a news which should delight the demonstrators of the weekend: “We have an agreement in principle which allows a boarding soon of all the dogs”.

“Implementation in the first quarter of 2023”

Clearly, the executive has given the green light. It now remains to define the terms. To do this, Alain Jund hopes to be able to organize “a round table before the end of December” on the subject. “It will allow a meeting between representatives of the animal cause but also users of public transport and the CTS. This will allow us to finalize the various proposals before implementation in the first quarter of 2023.”

Will these trips be chargeable? Will dogs be allowed to board at any time and on all buses or trams? Those of category 1 and 2 too? “I have no fixed point of view”, assures the man with the green scarf. “Simply, that they be muzzled and on a leash seems obvious to me to avoid tensions and promote good travel together. »

A measure that should not displease Laure Souchard-Lespinas. “I also explain it to some masters who are not convinced: it would reassure everyone. Both humans and beasts, because you never know how both may react. »

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