Alain Delon: the gendarmes seized dozens of weapons in his property in Douchy

All confiscated. The gendarmes seized dozens of firearms at the end of last week from the property of Alain Delon, in Douchy (Loiret). An intervention carried out by court decision, in a context of tensions between Alain Delon’s children. These are shooting weapons and collector’s weapons, Alain Delon having authorizations to possess them, since there is even a shooting range within the family property.

But tensions between the children and concerns about the actor’s fragile state of health undoubtedly pushed the justice system to prevent the slightest risk. “My client is very worried to know that Alain Delon is being kept without medical treatment with weapons nearby,” Yassine Bouzrou, Hiromi Rollin’s lawyer, told us.

According to the gendarmes’ investigations, which we revealed, a general practitioner who examined Alain Delon last summer noted that the latter’s morale “was low” and that he no longer seemed to “expect anything”. He even spoke of “a state of physical and psychological exhaustion with a major suicidal risk”.

More recently, in a recent interview with She, Anouchka Delon, the actor’s daughter, explained that she goes “always with her bodyguard” to the family property. The latter detailed her father’s passion for firearms, adding that he has “quite a collection.” Anouchka Delon added that her brothers, when they are in Douchy “walk around the house armed”, believing they are “in the Wild West”.

An accident in 2011 with a weapon from the collection

Statements which caused a strong reaction from Anthony Delon, the eldest of the siblings, who had responded by evoking Anouchka’s interest in firearms, with which he accused her of having practiced in recent months: “You spent the summer shooting Glocks with your favorite, ex-GIGN and head of security in Douchy, to finally bring the gun home to Geneva in memory of dad. For someone who hates weapons, you seemed very brave and talented according to him. As far as I’m concerned, it’s been a long time since I went around armed,” he responded at length.

This is not the first time that firearms from his father’s collection have caused problems for the Delon family. In 2011, a gunshot deemed accidental on the seventh floor of Alain Delon’s apartment in Geneva seriously injured a Spanish teenager. Alain-Fabien Delon, the youngest of the siblings then aged 17, organized a party for rich and alcoholic young people. During a game or a fight with an old pistol belonging to the patriarch, who was absent, a shot was fired and a young girl was seriously injured by a bullet.

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