Against St. Pauli: HSV keeper Heuer Fernandes explains derby own goal

When the final whistle of the derby (2:2) was blown, Daniel Heuer Fernandes didn’t have to think long about what to do. With gestures of apology, he walked towards the north stand at the Millerntor, where the HSV fans had gathered. The supporters who had crossed over from Volkspark thanked the keeper with chants. The conciliatory end to an evening in which the goalkeeper wrote derby history. Just definitely not in the way he had dreamed.

The events from the 27th minute will probably keep Fernandes busy for quite a while this year. It was the moments in which he became an own-goal scorer that almost won the city duel for St. Pauli. In which the man who had so often become a hero in the Volkspark mutated into the poorest pig at the Millerntor.

HSV goalkeeper Heuer Fernandes scores a strange own goal in the derby against St. Pauli

What an own goal! One of the brand monstrous. The keeper had already made an unsettled impression, then came the terrible climax for him. Heuer Fernandes wanted to clear an (admittedly bad) back pass from Guilherme Ramos that bounced towards the goal line. The ball missed just in front of him and the keeper’s full-court kick landed neatly under the crossbar to make it 2-0 and into his own net.

Slapstick at the Millerntor. What followed was a gauntlet for the keeper, mockery and ridicule with every touch of the ball. But also the encouraging chants from the HSV fans.

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For Heuer Fernandes it was the first own goal in the 343rd competitive game of his career. “I’m unfortunate when I get the ball in the back and want to shoot it away from the line. Then the ball hits the ground and I hit it into the goal,” explained the 31-year-old. “That was extremely unfortunate,” he emphasized. “But something like that happens in football, and you can’t undo it.”

What he was left with was a point, the support of the fans and the team and an unpleasant moment for eternity.

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