After visiting Charles, who is suffering from cancer: Prince Harry believes in a reconciliation

After visiting Charles, who has cancer
Prince Harry believes in reconciliation

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry during their stay in Canada.

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Harry throws himself head first down the ice channel, discussing his relationship with King Charles III. he says with the brakes on.

About the tense relationship between There has been a lot of news about Prince Harry (39) and the British royal family in recent years. In a new interview given as part of his visit to Canada, King Charles III’s second son suggests. (75) adopted a very conciliatory tone after his father’s cancer diagnosis.

Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan (42), are currently in Canada to promote the first Winter Invictus Games. In almost exactly a year, the sporting event for disabled soldiers, which was founded by Harry, will take place in Vancouver and Whistler. During the visit he also tried out the skeleton discipline. After a meeting with participants and a short briefing, he daringly plunged down the ice channel.

Shortly afterwards, Prince Harry arrived in an exclusive Conversation with ABC News’ Will Reeve to talk about his father’s cancer diagnosis, his short visit home and his relationship with his family. During the conversation, Harry gives the impression that he obviously wants to mend the strained relationship.

Prince Harry believes in reconciliation

Harry learned the news of Charles’ recent cancer diagnosis in a conversation with his father, the prince says. “I got on a plane and went to see him as quickly as I could,” Harry explains. Asked what the visit was like for him, the 39-year-old said: “Look, I love my family. The fact that I was able to get on a plane and see him and just any amount of time I’m grateful to spend time with him.” According to media reports, Harry reportedly only had 30 to 45 minutes with King Charles III. before he retired to the Sandringham estate to recover from his treatment and his son flew back to the USA to his family the next day.

Harry doesn’t answer a question about a health prognosis for Charles; that should stay between him and his father. But he is sure that the illness can also have a reunifying effect. Harry also has his own family with Meghan and the two children, as he emphasizes. The couple lives in Montecito, California, with little Archie (4) and his sister Lilibet (2).

“I have my own family, like we all do. My family and my life in California are what they are,” says the royal. And he loves living in the USA every single day. He even thought about applying for US citizenship at some point, but that is not a high priority for him at the moment. At the same time, Harry also intends to visit the royal family more often in the future: “I have more trips planned that will take me through Great Britain or back to Great Britain, so I will visit my family as often as possible.”


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