After the discovery of three bodies in a house, the scenario becomes clearer

Investigators now know a little more about the causes of the deaths of at least two of the three people found dead on Wednesday evening in a house in Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, in the suburbs of Rennes. The 62-year-old mother appears to have been strangled. His body was discovered lying on a bed. Her husband, aged 50, hanged himself.

“The autopsies carried out today confirmed the death by hanging of Mr., the presence of traumatic lesions in Mrs. with a death most certainly caused by mechanical asphyxia which remains however to be confirmed by additional examinations”, indicates the prosecutor of the Republic of Rennes, Philippe Astruc.

Additional examinations

The cause of death of their 25-year-old daughter is still unknown. His body was found lying on the floor of a bedroom. “No traumatic injury was noted in the young woman and the cause of her death is not determined at this stage. Additional examinations, in particular toxicological, have been ordered”, specifies Philippe Astruc.

A murder investigation has been opened by the police. The hypothesis of a double homicide, followed by a suicide, organized by the father of the family clearly emerges. Especially since an unsigned writing justifying the acts and evoking a “malaise” of the author was left. “Regarding the authentication of the mail found at the family home, a strong similarity with the writings of the gentleman could be found, but a more in-depth handwriting comparison examination was ordered”, adds the public prosecutor.

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