After accusing him of sexual assault, the daughter of Franck Lavier, acquitted in Outreau, retracts

Did she make it all up? Already falsely accused, then acquitted, in the Outreau affair, Franck Lavier is once again tried for acts of sexual violence. His daughter in fact accused him of assault, and even rape, before returning to his statements on Friday at the criminal court of Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais).

“Nothing happened from what I said in my testimony,” declared, after almost three hours of hearing, the 24-year-old young woman, who accused her father of having sexually assaulted her between 2015 and 2016. Sometimes in tears, often silent, the mother of four children appeared torn at the hearing between her heavy accusations and a clear desire not to overwhelm her father. As soon as the trial opened, where Franck Lavier, 45, risks up to seven years in prison, she had given up on becoming a civil party.

A letter to the CPE

The case dates back to 2016 when her daughter, then aged 16, sent a letter to the CPE of her high school, entitled “Terrible childhood”, in which she mentioned “something serious”. The prosecution is seized. In hearing, she claims to have been the victim of touching by her father since the beginning of 2015.

“It’s complicated to denounce someone you love, especially if it’s the person who conceived us,” she wrote in this letter in blue ink. “If I were to denounce my father, he would go to prison. » Why did she write this letter? “Because I felt bad about myself,” she answers on the stand. What are the “serious things” mentioned? ” I do not know anymore. »

” It’s wrong “

The president also mentions a conversation with a friend, to whom she tells that her father has been going to her room every weekend for a year and a half, going so far as to mention “rape”. “That’s not true,” admits the young woman. Faced with his silences, his tears and his memory lapses, the president dares a question: “Did the facts happen, could they have happened, or did they never happen? »

She requests a suspension of the hearing. On his return, the president reiterates his question and insists on the consequences of his response. She admits: “Nothing happened that I said in my testimony. »

“He never came to your room at night?”

– No.

– Has he never licked your penis?

– No.

– He never put a finger in your penis?

– No. »

She maintains, however, that her father “groped” her chest. But “it was a game. By the way, ‘squeak,'” she said.

Franck Lavier, who had been placed under judicial supervision, and his partner Sandrine were sentenced in 2012 to ten and eight months in prison for mistreatment of their eldest daughter and her little brother.

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