Adel Tawil: Live premiere at “Studio Session”

Adel Tawil
Live premiere at “Studio Session”

Adel Tawil presents his new album live for the first time.

© Maximilian Koenig

Live premiere of his new album “Spiegelbild”: Adel Tawil sings at a Telekom “Studio Session”.

Adel Tawil (44) will present his new album “Spiegelbild” live for the first time next week. The premiere of the new songs broadcasts magenta music on April 3, 2023 at 8:15 p.m. This was announced by Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of the concert streaming platform, in a press release.

The concert is part of the “Studio Sessions”. In this format, gigs by German artists run in a small, intimate setting. Before Adel Tawil it was Zoe Wess (21, “Girls Like Us”). “I can’t wait to perform at the ‘Studio Sessions’,” Tawil says in the release. “It will be a special moment to share my new songs. ‘Spiegelbild’ has become a very personal album that is very close to my heart.”

“I feel” and “Wortspiel”: Adel Tawil guest in two originals

Adel Tawil was not only engaged for the “studio sessions”. Since March 28, the former singer of Ich + Ich has been presenting his personal favorite songs and artists in the “Fühl Ich” format.

Tawil has been featured in the second original by Magenta Musik since March 30: In “Wortspiel” he dissects his song “Lieder” word for word, his solo debut from 2013.

Here you can see Adel Tawil’s concert

Adel Tawil’s “Studio Session” can also be seen on Magenta TV. The amount will then be available in the media library.

The recently released “Spiegelbild” is Adel Tawil’s first album after a four-year break. Born in Berlin, he had his breakthrough in the late 1990s with the boy band The Boyz. In 2003 he founded the successful duo Ich + Ich with Annette Humpe (72).


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