Addicted to “precision flight”, Valentin Delluc treats in a crazy speed riding video in Avoriaz

Valentin Delluc flew over the Avoriaz 1800 station on numerous occasions last month for his new video project. – Oliver Godbold / Red Bull Content Pool

  • Speed ​​riding is a very spectacular discipline combining freeride skiing and paragliding.
  • 28-year-old Haut-Savoyard and double French speed riding champion, Valentin Delluc just posted his new video online last week. From Avoriaz with love.
  • This 2-minute short film takes place in February in the resort of Avoriaz (Haute-Savoie), where Valentin Delluc takes pleasure in touching the buildings and in slider on the chairlift cable.

It was in Avoriaz that Valentin Delluc found himself for the first time with skis on his feet at the age of 3. At 28, it is still in this Haute-Savoie resort that he lives his passion, but in a more aerial way. In
From Avoriaz with love, his latest video project uploaded last week, the athlete is having a blast in speed riding, namely freeride skiing accompanied by his sail. We see him brushing his skis against the roofs of buildings and multiplying spectacular tricks for two minutes.

Son of a tracker from Avoriaz 1800, Valentin Delluc discovered paragliding at the age of 11. A freestyle ski enthusiast as a teenager, he watched with suspicion his older brother Anthony speed riding. “I told myself then that it was super dangerous,” he recalls. The death in 2010 of Anthony, aged 22, in a ULM accident, quickly prompted Valentin (then aged 18) to “want to discover the sensations and the delirium of speed riding”. He takes it well since he became the French champion of the discipline in 2015 and 2016, during the last two editions before the gradual cessation of competitions.

“It has a bit of the effect of fireworks”

Where a classic paraglider wing measures 22 m2, the speed riding wing is between 6 and 8 m2, which allows Valentin Delluc to rocket between 100 and 140 km / h. Also passionate about wingsuiting, this ULM instructor has embarked on video projects, especially since the start of his collaboration with Red Bull in 2016. Used to flying around Morzine and Avoriaz, or from the Bossons glacier and the Aiguille du Midi, he is able to string together 13 runs of 2 minutes maximum in the same day. He details his vision of speed riding.

It requires great concentration, you have to calculate everything. The goal is to ride on large rocky bars that have never been traced, which triggers avalanches. It goes in “ sluff “, it feels a bit like fireworks. I then have to ride fast enough to get out of the avalanche. I leave early in the morning and when I get on the gondola to reach a summit, I carefully observe the mountain to try to make sure there are no climbers. “

“The” wall ride “is a bit my trademark”

Whoever makes two or three videos each year recalls that behind these 2 minutes of final video rendering, there are nine days of shooting, dozens of runs to get the good finalized sequence, and two drones. In mid-February, it therefore sets off at an altitude of 2000 m, just above the village of Avoriaz 1800. It still flies at more than 70 km / h when it shifts its wing to the side to be able to touch a wall with his skis.

Speed ​​riding allows Valentin Delluc to combine his passion for freeride skiing and that of paragliding. – Oliver Godbold / Red Bull Content Pool

” The wall ride is kind of my trademark, it’s super technical, underlines Valentin Delluc. I love precision flight in speed riding, I have to set my turn 150m from the building. ” Thanks to From Avoriaz with love, the Morzine speed rider spices up a Covid-19 winter. “Instead of having the ski lifts closed, we thought we had to come up with a cool idea,” he explains. It’s nice because usually, you can’t see anyone when you soar at an altitude of 3,800 m. There, people encouraged us by having their coffee on the balcony. And it was the right timing to slide on the cable of a chairlift. “

American surfer Kelly Slater seduced by Valentin Delluc’s project

This is Valentin Delluc’s favorite sequence in this project, while his brother Anthony also liked this trick. Only “little trick” of the 2 minutes of madness of From Avoriaz with love, it is in fact a hidden snowmobile which pulls it to allow it to take off again and not the carriage. For the rest, the 28-year-old athlete goes very fast, and spins very close to the ground, in the winding and snow-covered roads of the station.

Valentin Delluc was particularly pleased by slipping on the cable of the Avoriaz chairlift.
Valentin Delluc was particularly pleased by slipping on the cable of the Avoriaz chairlift. – Oliver Godbold / Red Bull Content Pool

The creativity of Valentin Delluc allowed the short film to be seen more than 25 million times in eight days on the various networks. Some “relays” of the video turn out to be unexpected. Among which the racing driver Pierre Gasly, as well as the American surfers Kai Lenny and Kelly Slater. “I am clearly a fan of them and I believed them to be untouchable”, relishes Valentin Delluc, who has just given a hell of a spotlight to his discipline.

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