According to the Bundestag decision: Medical President warns against cannabis legalization

As of: February 24, 2024 2:42 a.m

The law passed by the Bundestag to partially legalize cannabis has met with criticism from the German Medical Association. Its president called on the states to stop the regulation in the Federal Council.

Medical President Klaus Reinhardt has called on the federal states to stop the cannabis legalization law passed by the Bundestag in the Bundesrat and to call the mediation committee. Reinhardt told the German Editorial Network (RND) that there are also significant concerns across party lines due to various warnings from the medical profession, judiciary, police and educators.

The right place to articulate these concerns is the mediation committee of the Bundestag and Bundesrat, said the doctor and added: “This law must be fundamentally reconsidered here, free from party political constraints.” The states can delay the law through the Bundesrat, but they cannot prevent it.

“Self-set goals blatantly missed”

After a turbulent debate, the Bundestag in Berlin decided to partially release cannabis for adults. The law stipulates that from April 1st, people aged 18 and over may possess up to 25 grams of cannabis for their own consumption. Three live cannabis plants and up to 50 grams of cannabis should be legal for personal consumption in your own home

From July 2024 onwards, communal cultivation in cannabis clubs will also be possible, from which club members will be allowed to purchase limited quantities. There are numerous rules for the clubs and public consumption. The interior ministers of the federal states consider it to be impractical.

Medical President Reinhardt sees it similarly to the RND: “The cannabis law is a small-scale, political formulaic compromise that blatantly misses the goals it has set itself.” Young people would not be protected but would be exposed to great risks. The judiciary and police would not be relieved, but would be seriously overloaded.

Criticism from specialists and Police union

After the law was passed, the specialists in psychotherapy and psychiatry reiterated their criticism that the age limit of 18 years stipulated in the law was too low. At this age, brain development is not yet complete and regular cannabis consumption can cause major damage, explained the German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology.

The police union also called on the federal states to correct the law via the Federal Council. It is feared that the expected cannabis boom will develop into a real economic stimulus program to promote organized crime.

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