Accident: Woman drowned after going to the disco – autopsy ordered

Woman drowned after going to the disco – autopsy ordered

After an extensive search operation, the missing woman from Sonneberg was found dead. photo

© Robert Michael/dpa

A visit to a carnival party in a discotheque in Thuringia ends tragically: a mother of four children falls into a river on the way home and dies.

The body of the person who died in an accident after a carnival party in a disco in Thuringia Woman should have an autopsy. According to the investigations so far, there is no evidence of third-party negligence and the police are therefore assuming a tragic accident.

The police said the autopsy was intended to check the investigation. It will also be investigated whether the 43-year-old woman could have been drunk at the time of the accident. According to the police, the mother of four fell into the Röthen river on the night of Sunday for reasons that are still unclear on the way home from the club in Sonneberg.

The woman’s relatives reported her missing early on Sunday morning when she didn’t come home after going to the disco. It was only after an extensive search that the woman’s lifeless body was discovered in the river on Sunday morning. It was said that the woman, who lived in Sonneberg, had apparently drowned.

Police suspect the woman fell into the river from a gravel path on a relatively narrow road. A spokesman for the state police operations center said on Sunday that it was difficult to get out of the river because of a brick wall and the speed of the flow. In addition, the river is said to have had a lot of water at the time of the accident.


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