Accident: Fell in front of a train while urinating in Düsseldorf

Fell in front of train while urinating in Düsseldorf

A drunk man fell from a platform at Düsseldorf Central Station while urinating in front of a regional train (archive photo). photo

© Mona Wenisch/dpa

A drunk man falls off the edge of the platform while urinating, directly in front of an approaching train. But the train driver had seen the disaster coming.

A train driver’s “7th sense” is similar to that of a drunk person Düsseldorf probably saved his life. The railway worker had already seen a swaying silhouette from a distance on the platform of the main train station, which he was currently heading towards, as the federal police reported. He decided to brake quickly. Shortly afterwards, the man fell onto the track bed in front of the train while peeing wildly. Thanks to the emergency braking, the train stopped just in front of the drunk man.

The alleged lifesaver got out and helped the 49-year-old back to the platform on Saturday evening. Federal police officers picked up the man from Wesel there. He had to sleep off his intoxication in police custody until Sunday. A breath alcohol test showed a level of 1.5 per mille. The 49-year-old is threatened with repercussions: the police are investigating him for dangerous interference with rail traffic.


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