Abuse in the church: “It was just too late for justice” – Bavaria

During her visit to a new place of worship, the President of the Landtag, Ilse Aigner, regrets that the judiciary has stopped investigating Catholic clergy from the Munich abuse report.

State President Ilse Aigner reacted with regret to the fact that the public prosecutor’s office had stopped investigating Catholic clergy in the many cases from the Munich abuse report. “It was just too late for justice,” said Aigner on Friday when visiting a prayer room set up in 2022 for victims of abuse in Unterwössen, Upper Bavaria. For far too long the church has put the protection of its institution ahead of the protection of the vulnerable. “Move, forget, expire” should no longer be practice.

In Unterwössen in the district of Traunstein there was also a pastor who molested at least eight young people in the 1960s. Unlike many other clergymen, he was sentenced for it. The case became public because a victim had confided in a friend who wanted to blackmail the pastor. Nevertheless, many in the village considered the young people to be the real culprits.

The Unterwössen artist Andreas Kuhnlein experienced all of this at a young age, he was friends with three of the victims. Kuhnlein got through in the parish that a prayer room in the parish church was dedicated to the victims of sexual abuse and designed it with his own wooden sculptures. The place touches and makes sad, but also stands for the processing and thus for a kind of liberation, said Aigner, who was accompanied on Friday by her predecessor Alois Glück and the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising, Christoph Klingan.

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