Aave is considering deploying Aave v3 on Polygon zkEVM network.

Aave is considering deploying the minimum viable (MVP) version of Aave v3 on Polygon’s upcoming zkEVM Layer 2 network.

The Aave integration proposal was proposed by Marc Zeller with the goal of having Aave launch on new networks early after the mainnet beta. go liveOn March 27th, the offer is now in the process. “temperature-check”

and to reduce the risk The proposal also recommends limiting the initial use of the asset. Only three types of collateral are recommended: wrapped ETH (WETH) and wrapped MATIC (WMATIC), as well as USDC Stablecoin. It is also recommended to include only one borrowable asset, USDC Stablecoin.

The proposal states that it also aims to lay the groundwork for the issuance of Aave’s GHO stablecoin on zkEVM if this option is to be considered in the future.

Polygon’s zkEVM is a zero-knowledge or ZK-rollup that performs computation off-chain on a secondary layer for faster and cheaper transactions. while paying attention to safety The goal is to expand the scalability of the Ethereum network.

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