A teenager arrested for threatening a school to “do as in Annecy”

The commune of Saint-Berthevin is a small commune in the Laval suburbs (Mayenne). Usually peaceful, she was somewhat disturbed at the end of last week by the ill-intentioned actions of a teenager. A 15-year-old young man was indeed arrested and placed in police custody on Saturday for threatening the city’s private primary school, Laval public prosecutor Anne-Lyse Jarthon reported on Tuesday, confirming information of West France.

In the middle of the afternoon, he had called the director of the establishment several times, insulting her and threatening her to “do like what happened in Annecy”. An obvious reference to the knife attack which injured four children and two adults on June 8 in the prefecture of Haute-Savoie.

He expressed regret

The police then moved around the Mayenne school to secure the exit. “The investigations quickly identified the holder of the line as a 15-year-old minor, unknown to the justice system,” said the prosecutor. Arrested at his home, the teenager “recognized without difficulty being at the origin of these calls and not having been aware of the consequences of these”.

“He expressed sincere regrets,” adds Anne-Lyse Jarthon. At the end of his police custody, he was summoned before the prosecutor’s delegate. The manager filed a complaint. The police had moved around the school to secure the exit.

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