A student chews a live mouse, 30 Million Friends files a complaint

The scene is clear: a young man is filmed putting a live mouse in his mouth then, according to the press release from 30 million Friends published Monday and spotted by The Parisianto chew it until it kills it.

After becoming aware of the video, the Foundation filed a complaint for acts of cruelty and serious abuse resulting in the death of an animal.

A bet “

According to information collected by 30 million Friends, the events took place on Friday during an integration evening in the preparatory class of the famous Lycée Thiers in Marseille. The press release cites an anonymous source, according to which the young man took up the challenge of putting the rodent in his mouth. The animal allegedly belonged to one of the high school students.

Contacted by 30 million Friends, the Aix-Marseille rectorate did not wish to comment, as the events took place during a “drinking evening outside of high school”. However, she recognizes a “shocking affair”, according to the press release. The management of the Lycée Thiers in Marseille also did not wish to comment on the matter, writes the Foundation.

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