a post for Messi, a miracle for Leca

0-0, but a high level half-time!

Lens shakes up PSG, even if the Ligue 1 leader had the two biggest chances: a Messi post from outside the area, and a miracle from Leca in front of Di Maria at close range.


Hakimi overflows and crosses for Di Maria, who appears at the far post. Everyone thinks there will be a goal, except Leca who pushes back the Argentinian’s attempt! Gorgeous !

Messi + Verratti, that’s almost enough to create an opportunity!

The Argentinian pierced the defense with a throw from the Italian, even though his shot into the box was eventually blocked. In the process, Leca intervenes in front of Icardi.

PSG are doing a little better

Even if it’s still difficult to create big chances. The match is very pleasant despite the 0-0, anyway.

Verratti still hangs on a Lensois

Haise asks for a yellow for the Italian midfielder, already involved in several limit actions.

Icardi continues well in the area!

Danso is too passive and lets the Argentinian control his back to goal and turn around while hitting. Boxing.

The highlight is really lensois

Paris can no longer come out, and Verratti is therefore returned to the axis.

What an exchange of passes between Lensois!

It’s very easy to find Kakuta in the box after a high recovery, but the playmaker sends a too soft shot.

Navas is still shining!

The Costa Rican goalkeeper is still attentive on a volley armed by Doucouré at the entrance to the area.

6 recoveries to 2 in the last 30 meters

In favor of Lens, more proactive than his opponent.

Kalimuendo crushes his left strike too much

It was not easy at a closed angle, but it is an action that can hurt the Parisian defense, with a long ball in its back.

Clauss makes Navas shine!

Free kick from the open side by the Lensois side, but Navas was attentive and lay down on the ball to push it back.

Danilo’s gross foul

After a loss of ball that was just as much. It’s a shame to have stopped the game when the Lensois were in the last thirty meters in stride.

Fofana tries his luck from the corner of the box

But it was complicated in the wake of a hook, and it ends in the gloves of Navas.


Leca was completely beaten on this shot from afar where the Golden Ball had closed his foot. The ball hits the outside of the upright.

PSG tactical adjustment

Paris seems in 4-2-3-1 with Di Maria on the left, Messi in support of Icardi and … Verratti on the right.

Fofana stays on the ground

Knee to knee contact with his teammate Doucouré. The Lensois environment should be able to recover.

Messi accelerates in the axis

He tries a small pass toe from the outside of the left over the defense, but a Lensois pushes the ball with his head to his goalkeeper.

The atmosphere is wonderful

We often repeat ourselves in Bollaert, but too bad. Even PSG’s purring possession phases seem to be getting exciting.

Clauss arrives thrown and strikes

It was in a closed angle and it goes far above. The Lensois are a little sharper with the ball.

The center of Kakuta is saved!

Center stretched halfway from the goal line. Kalimuendo was ready to put the lead, but a Parisian defender took the ball away from him just in front.

Lens finally sets foot on the ball

PSG had until then kept possession, trying to suck their opponents. Racing is also not afraid to keep the ball when it finally gets it!

Let’s go !

PSG, all in white against Lensois all in black, kicks off.

The fictitious kickoff is given by two former miners

The atmosphere is really good in Bollaert this evening.

It’s evening from Sainte-Barbe to Lens!

Superb atmosphere as the teams enter the lawn: the Lensoise sung by the public, who also tends the flashes of their phones.

The composition of PSG with an Argentinian attacking trio

Navas – Hakimi, Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Bernat – Pereira, Paredes, Verratti – Messi, Icardi, Di Maria.

The composition of Lens

Kakuta back in the eleven lensois

PSG are autumn champions

The defeat of OM, for the moment still second in Ligue 1, against Brest (2-1) makes Paris the autumn champion, even before its evening match

It’s confirmed, Mbappé on the bench

The decision is made: Kylian Mbappé will be on the bench against Lens.


No Mbappé in the Parisian eleven?

To see Kylian Mbappé on the bench, you have to go back to December 2020, with PSG against LOSC. Since then, the French have played eight games with Paris and the France team. For several days, the Blues striker has felt a physical decline that could lead Mauricio Pochettino’s staff to leave him on the bench tonight. The decision is not yet officially recorded but the reflection is open since the end of the meeting against Nice on Wednesday evening.


Kick-off at 9 p.m.

Meet in the boiling Bollaert stadium at 9 p.m. for the beautiful poster of the 17th day of Ligue 1 between Lens and PSG

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