“A poor quality joke”… Christophe Galtier makes his mea culpa after the “sand yacht” controversy

PSG kicked off their Champions League campaign perfectly by dominating Juventus Turin at the Parc des Princes on Tuesday evening (2-1). But, once after having confided his pleasure to have seen his team dominate Juve for the first time in its history, Christophe Galtier did not cut it. The Parisian coach was asked about the controversy that overshadowed the preparation for the match, to the point of making three quarters of the political class react, like Benoît Payan, mayor of Marseille, who simply mentioned “a spit in the face “.

“I’m sorry,” Galtier repeated three times on Canal +, looking much more serious than Monday at a press conference. Asked about the club’s propensity to fly for short distances, like Sunday to reach Nantes, the technician had quipped alongside a hilarious Kylian Mbappé: “we are seeing if we cannot make the trips in chariots. »

“We are not above ground”

“It was a poor quality joke and not at the right time”, reacted the former Nice coach on Tuesday, before evoking again a little later “a joke in bad taste”. “Believe me, I am concerned with climate problems, the problems of our planet. I know the responsibility we have. I heard a lot during the day that we were above ground. It’s wrong. We are not above ground, we are very lucid. »

Galtier thus wanted to give a practical example: “I have serious players. The club is careful. We traveled to Lille, we did 2h45 by bus during the day and on the way back [encore] 2h45 by bus. We are aware of climate issues. »

In the middle of this exercise of contrition, “Galette” still split with “in France, it is no longer possible to be humorous”. Before taking back his penitent staff. “My joke, it was not great and I knew it quickly when I got home. See you tomorrow, for a new controversy.

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