a man suspected of assaulting a firefighter who was helping him

A man is suspected of having assaulted a firefighter who was helping him, in Angles (Gard), on Saturday, denounced the Department’s Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS) on Monday. The emergency services had intervened to bring assistance to this man, unconscious, and had immediately taken care of him in an ambulance.

It is on board the vehicle that this man is suspected of having headbutted, then punched a firefighter, who was injured. He was assigned 6 days of ITT. Two of his colleagues “succeeded in protecting themselves but remain in shock from this attack”, indicate the services of the firefighters of Gard.

The 27-year-old suspect was arrested by police and taken into custody. This is an “intolerable act”, points out the SDIS, which has filed a complaint.

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