a former student of Patrice Charlemagne, killed in Dunkirk, testifies after his wife’s confession

The wife of the professor, killed this weekend, admitted in police custody to the homicide of her husband. She was arrested this Wednesday.

Several days after the death of Patrice Charlemagne, astonishment is still present in Dunkirk. This professor at the Littoral Côte d’Opale University was found dead last weekend in the northern city at his home.

His wife initially told the police that they had been victims of a burglary at their house, where they live with their 20-month-old child. The wife was finally arrested by the police this Wednesday. Placed in police custody, she admitted this Thursday to having killed her husband.

A “very sweet woman”

Confessions which stunned those close to the couple, while at the start of the week they believed in the theory of a burglary gone wrong, mentioned to the police by Justine Jotham, the wife of Patrice Charlemagne.

A former student of the Dunkirk professor, who remained in contact with him, confided this Thursday to BFMTV her great surprise after the confessions of Patrice Charlemagne’s wife.

“She is a woman who was known for being a very kind, very gentle person. Obviously, I find it hard to imagine that she could have committed this act, it’s hard to believe,” confesses Anne.

“We can’t see what’s happening on the other side”

During the investigation, several elements questioned the police, Justine Jotham’s account being, according to our information, punctuated by inconsistencies. The exploitation of the telephones of both spouses also allowed the discovery of tensions within the couple.

“Obviously, we don’t see what’s happening on the other side, so when we see the photos, the little girl and the family life, we say to ourselves that it’s impossible to commit such a cruel gesture “, Anne further testifies to BFMTV.

Astonishment is also still present in the IUT where the couple taught. Both the students and the teaching staff are still in shock, the vice-president in charge of communications at the university told BFMTV. A psychological unit has been set up within the establishment.

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