A case of dengue fever in Trentemoult, mosquito control impossible

After that of Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire last week, a second case of dengue fever was reported Monday in the Nantes area. This time, it is in Rezé in the Trentemoult district that a case was identified, the town hall reported this Wednesday evening. No information on the profile or state of health of the person, contaminated via a tiger mosquito, has been communicated. But this is an imported case.

While insecticide treatment is usually carried out in these situations, no mosquito control operation will not be possible this time, estimated the regional health agency (ARS). A decision “taking into account the configuration of the district”, located on the banks of the Loire, a Natura 2000 zone incompatible with the chemical treatment usually carried out over a radius of 150 meters.

Protect yourself from bites

Prevention is therefore essential for residents, victims a few days ago of a proliferation of mosquitoes, as in the rest of the region. “The ARS asked the operator Inovalys to go door-to-door with residents in the area concerned. Objective: to remind them of the actions to adopt to protect themselves from mosquito bites and avoid their proliferation,” explains the town hall.

Tip number 1 is to avoid stagnant water in gardens, in which the female lays her eggs. Wearing light-colored, covering clothing, using skin repellent products and a mosquito net are recommended.

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