A bus involved in the fatal accident on Saturday evening

A man of about 40 years old was found dead on the road, Saturday evening, around 10 p.m., Beaulieu district in Nantes. Bearer of several wounds on the limbs, he had probably died “from a probable impact with a vehicle that fled”, had estimated the firefighters dispatched to the scene, rue Gaëtan-Rondeau.

This Wednesday, the public prosecutor of Nantes, Renaud Gaudeul, reports that the investigations made it possible to determine that the vehicle involved was not a car but a bus. The victim was “caught on the side of the vehicle” and then crushed. This bus has been found and the driver identified.

No offense upheld at this stage

Heard by the investigators, the driver affirms “not to have realized anything”. “The operation of the camera located inside the bus shows that none of the six passengers who were on board realized the accident”, adds Renaud Gaudeul. The driver would therefore not have fled. Its responsibility seems dismissed. “There are still a few acts of investigation but, as it stands, nothing allows us to retain an offense against him,” said the public prosecutor.

The bus would belong to the Semitan urban network, according to the daily newspapers Ocean Press and West France. Asked, the direction of the TAN has, for the time being, not answered.

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