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Why adopt the removable partition in the office?

Above all, the office mustbe functional, and it is just as crucial that he is able to adapt to the imperatives of the moment. This space requires calm, in order to work serenely. In some cases, it is also essential that he guarantees you a minimum confidentiality. However, it is not always a fixed space, and it is possible to have to reorganize it punctually. The removable office partition is therefore a “must have” for create a flexible workspacesuitable for your needs and comfortable.

The removable office partition: a 100% professional element?

The removable office partition was originally designed specifically to fit out professional premises. Responding to specific requirements, it sometimes offers superior performance to traditional removable partitions, especially when it comes to sound insulation.

It is common for items intended for professionals to be adopted by individuals. The removable office partition is thus sometimes used to structure the space at home without closing it. With the development of telework, however, it regains its original functionality, by isolating the office area at home.

Choosing your removable office partition: what to think about?

To choose the right model of removable partition, it is recommended to take into account three fundamental criteria:

  • the luminosity ;
  • the dimensions of the space to be partitioned;
  • your specific needs: sound insulation, screen effect, etc.

In order to create a pleasant working environment, however, take care not to neglect the aesthetic appearance.

Removable office partitions: X ideas to inspire you

The integral removable partition remains a common option in professional offices, and when the configuration allows it, it is just as readily adopted at home.

The Glass Partition
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The glass partition has the advantage of being able to create a closed space, without being stuffy. This solution allows the light and the gaze to circulate. And to reconcile a feeling of openness, intimacy and calm to work with, it is possible to opt for opaque glazing or a simple pattern. The solid partition also offers excellent acoustic insulation for quiet work.

The Claustra
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Trendy and warm, wood creates a very zen atmosphere, conducive to concentration. The claustra constitutes a removable partition which is also very trendy. This solution seduces both by its aesthetics and by its incredible flexibility. Because if the claustra is sufficient on its own, and it adapts to many configurations:

  • Integral partition;
  • Half partition;
  • With or without door.

It can also be combined with other options, in particular a basement or a glass partition.

Acoustic Modular Partition
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The standing panels – especially the acoustic partitions – remain classics. Easy to install and move, they have the advantage of being available in an infinite variety of patterns and colours. This is also the opportunity or never to play with the color impact or to adopt the principles of Feng Shui in the office. Brown promotes rooting and reflection, while blue or green stimulate creativity and imagination.

A Magnetic Glass Partition
© Concept Office

With its very contemporary aesthetic, the glass partition is a nice alternative to traditional panels. The good idea is to crack on an innovative model, like the GLASS model, which combines a side covered with acoustic fabric, and a side combining magnetic finish and erasable board, great for mind mapping… or to create nice decor!

Adjustable Blades
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The “low price” option is adjustable blades. This solution may be low budget, but it is nonetheless practical and very decorative. On the aesthetic side, in fact, you have a wide choice in terms of materials and colors. And if you really can’t find the model that perfectly suits your desires, the blades are rather easy to customize.

Jack Panels
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To have a scalable workspace, partitions on feet or on casters are not your only option. You can indeed adopt removable office partitions equipped with cylinders, which are also fixed without having to drill the floor or the ceiling. Their XL format may in some cases be more suitable. And on the design side, from the glass-style model to the pallet-style version, you’re spoiled for choice!

A natural partition that has it all
© Wood Furniture

How about inviting nature into your workspace? The vegetable removable partition is not only very trendy: it also creates a cool and peaceful atmosphereideal for working peacefully.

You can also select the varieties of plants that dress it, favoring plants with purifying properties, to fight against indoor pollution. And as surprising as it may seem, integral plant partitions offer excellent performance in terms ofsoundproofing ! Alone or combined with another type of removable partition, this very natural model definitely has it all!

A Very Decorative Plant Partition
© Bureau Vegetal

The plant removable partition is all the more attractive as it adapts to many configurations. So, if you don’t need sound insulation, you can opt for a more open model. This type of very decorative creation can even serve as an extra shelf.

Very Decorative Acoustic Screens
© Office Concept

To bring a touch of originality to the decor of the office, bet for removable partitions or acoustic screens with an original design, even a bit offbeat. This model full of freshness is available in different formats: enough to compose a very pretty bouquet to benefit from a calm and cozy workspace, but also full of cheerfulness.

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