60th Venice Biennale opens

As of: April 20, 2024 1:38 p.m

The Biennale, one of the most important presentations of contemporary art in the world, has officially opened in Venice. Traditionally, several awards were presented at the same time.

By Moritz Pompl for ARD Studio Rome

The Golden Lion for the best pavilion goes to Australia. In it, the Aboriginal artist Archie Moore traces the family trees of Australian natives. Eight Maori from New Zealand were recognized as the best artists.

On the walls Archie Moore has recorded the family trees of two Aboriginal tribes. On the table are the evidence of how they died.

The Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement is shared by two artists: the 81-year-old Brazilian Anna Maria Maiolino, born in Italy. And Nil Yalter, 86, a Turkish photographer and graphic designer. Both of their works are entirely in line with this year’s motto of the Biennale: Stranieri Ovunque, strangers everywhere.

It’s about topics like migration and feeling foreign. Maiolino became known for her critical work during the military dictatorship in Brazil. Nil Yalter is showing her poster series “Exile is a hard job” at the Biennale. It deals with the fate of Turkish people abroad.

Nil Yalter’s work deals with topics such as feminism and migration.

In total, more than 330 artists and collectives are represented at the Biennale, and more than 80 countries have their own pavilions. The Biennale is dominated by wars: Russia is not there, Israel has closed its pavilion. The Biennale takes place every two years, the current, 60th edition is open until the end of November.

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