6.3 billion euros forgotten on inactive French bank accounts

The beneficiaries of these forgotten accounts have thirty years to claim their restitution. In total, only 550 million euros have already been recovered over the past five years.

Would the Caisse des dépôts et consignation keep a sum of money that is yours? Every year, millions of euros are transferred to this financial institution because they were sleeping in forgotten bank accounts. In total, between July 2016 and December 2021, 7.18 billion euros were transferred to Caisse des dépôts, reveals The Parisian.

These forgotten accounts are generally Livret A accounts opened by a loved one for you of which you are unaware, or even life insurance contracts of which you are the beneficiaries. To ensure that the money due to you does not lie dormant at the Caisse des dépôts, you must connect to the ciclade.caissedesdepots.fr site, which allows, by indicating the name of the potential account holder or subscriber of a contract, as well as some simple information (date and place of birth, address, etc.) to determine whether a sum of money is waiting for you.

30 years to act

The Ciclade portal was instituted by the so-called Eckert law, which created an obligation to annually record bank accounts, employee savings and inactive life insurance contracts. After three years if their holder is deceased, and after 10 years if he is alive, these accounts are closed by the banks and the sums of money they contain are transferred to the Caisse des dépôts, where it is therefore always possible to claim them. “It is a sum of money associated with a name, remunerated at 0.30% without management fees, thus specifies the Caisse des dépôts to the Parisian. We will not return a livret A or a savings account to you.»

But this recourse is not possible indefinitely: after thirty years of inactivity, the money is paid to the State. Beneficiaries must therefore come forward before this deadline. In total, in five years, only 550 million euros have been recovered by individuals, with an average amount of 2876 euros per beneficiary. 326.29 million euros have reached the end of 30 years of inactivity and have been definitively transferred to the State. In this type of case, no recourse is possible.

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