2030 World Cup in six countries: And at some point on Mount Everest – Sport

A game always starts at 0-0? FIFA’s decision to spread the 2030 World Cup across three continents seems like the early awarding of the 2034 World Cup to Saudi Arabia. Another strong indication: Competitors only have 25 days to decide on a counter-candidacy.

FIFA, the world football association, is taking further steps to pave the way for Saudi Arabia to host the 2034 World Cup. A few hours after the astonishing decision to announce the venues for the 2030 World Cup now and not in 2024, as well as after the even more astonishing move to have the World Cup games played on three continents, a new prank followed. FIFA gave the Australian association a deadline of just 25 days to decide whether it wanted to apply to host the 2034 World Cup and thus enter the ring with Saudi Arabia. Or not. FIFA has declared that it wants to hold the 2034 World Cup in an Asian or Oceanic country according to the rotation principle.

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