20 trendy models to inspire you

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How to choose your duck green chairs?


To choose the chair model, the criteria to take into account are for example:

  • the style : modern, classic, elegant, Nordic style, etc.
  • the model : with or without armrests,
  • matter : cotton, polyester, velvet,
  • height and height, as well as weight (a light chair is easier to move than a very heavy chair);
  • shapes and materials : height of the backrest, padding, type of feet and material used, etc.
  • the number : for an office or a tiny kitchen, a set of two chairs may be sufficient, but for a large dining room table, it is better to bet on a set of 6 or more chairs.
  • the interview : most designers and manufacturers indicate whether the chair has removable covers and/or whether the fabric can be easily washed.

The colour

Duck green is a trendy color. It produces a soothing effect like all cold colors like blue. It can be used to create all types of atmospheres such as a Scandinavian style interior, a Zen style, a natural style with wood materials, rattan or woven natural material carpets. But the duck green is also suitable for a contemporary style interior and adapts to a decor with very designer furniture.

Duck green chairs without armrests

The classics

Scandinavian Green Tartan Velvet Chairs
© Menzzo

These chairs offer a very contemporary style in a dining room. With a Scandinavian design including light wooden legs and a velvet seat, they bring a touch of color to an interior. Light and comfortable, this chair is nevertheless very solid and resistant.

Nora Chairs In Duck Green Velvet And Beech Wood Legs
© Happy Garden

These chairs are not only very aesthetic for the decoration of a living room or a dining room but they are also very comfortable thanks to their padded seat and backrest. The beech wood legs provide good overall stability.

Set Of 6 Magda Upholstered Chairs In Green Velvet
© Home & Styles

These chairs will find their place around the family table in the dining room. They are suitable for a modern or older style to which they will breathe a breath of fresh air and a touch of shimmering color. The padding of the seats as well as the significant height of the backrest ensure maximum comfort while giving a chic look to your interior.

Alexa Chair In Green Velvet And Golden Metal Legs
© Trends

We love this pretty velvet chair with its golden metal legs. On the comfort side, the padded backrest allows a perfect seat. This chair can easily go from the dining room to the kitchen.

Scandinavian Style Clyde Chair In Green Velvet
© World Houses

This Scandinavian chair with a resolutely contemporary look is available in several colours. But green being the flagship color in the decor trend, we will appreciate the clean lines of this model and its color which offers a pleasant and discreet touch of color and can match with all types of interior. It can also be combined with chairs in other colors from the same range.

The originals

Original Achille Chair In Green Velvet And Metal Legs
© Trends

Sold in sets of 2, the Achille chair, in velvet and metal legs, is both robust and comfortable. Note the high-density foam seat which ensures a certain well-being even when you sit for long hours!

Design Chair Bastia Padded In Green Velvet
© So Inside

Add a colorful and natural touch to your living room with this duck green velvet designer chair. This padded model is aesthetic and comfortable and its black metal feet ensure good stability. As enveloping as an armchair, this chair combines style and comfort.

Design Dining Chair With Cushion Seat In Green Velvet
© The Masie

Elegant and comfortable, this kitchen or dining room chair is in velvet and rope for a modern feel and a sophisticated design. Made of very resistant aluminum and moiré velvet whose shades can change depending on the light, this chair is not lacking in comfort and originality.

Elouan Green Velvet Armchair Style Chair
© Made In Furniture

Sold in a set of 2, this chair is perfect to match current trends. With its duck green velvet fabric and a very comfortable seat, thanks to its padded cushion, it also has a solid structure thanks to its black metal base. Its Scandinavian style makes it ideal both for a summer decoration and for furnishing its interior in a comfortable way in winter.

Chloé Chair In Green Velvet And Black And Gold Legs
© Interior

The soft and smooth duck green velvet of this chair makes it a comfortable seat. Original in shape, its legs are in black stainless steel with a touch of gold that will modernize the whole and give a very designer character to this chair.

Duck green chairs with armrests

Duck Green Chairs
© Single Sale

These are chairs that ensure maximum comfort thanks to their shape that perfectly hugs the body and their rounded armrests. In duck green velvet with black metal legs, they offer a modern touch to your living room. They can be combined to equip a dining room or used alone to furnish a corner of the room, while bringing a touch of color.

Duck Green Velvet Chair
© Sklum

We love these modern and comfortable chairs with a Scandinavian style highlighted by their light beech wood legs. Very elegant, they also offer good stability and are solid. They are perfect for equipping a dining room, alone or with others!

Daisy Velvet Green Chairs With Armrests
© Appointment Deco

With their contemporary lines and high-end look, these chairs are also ergonomic and very solid. Comfortable thanks to a studied seat and the softness of the velvet, they can be placed around a dining room table, in a living room by the fireplace, or even, alone or in pairs to furnish a large master bedroom. . We also appreciate their black metal feet which give modernity to these models.

Green Velvet Chair And Imitation Wood Metal Legs Vida
© Trends

This Vida chair/armchair with its natural-coloured imitation wood metal legs is both robust and very elegant. Perfect for a living room, it can also be adapted for a dining room or for a bedroom. Its duck green velvet upholstery ensures a very soft touch and comfortable seating.

Bellona Chairs In Green Velvet With Armrests And Black Metal Legs
© So Inside

These chairs with armrests with their wide seats provide all the comfort desired in a dining room. They can be combined with the table from the Bellona collection for a perfect match!

Konna Chair In Green Velvet With Armrests And Black Metal Legs
© Kave Home

This chair with armrests has a contemporary shape. Its duck green color brings out shades of gray. In a contemporary dining room, an office or even on its own in a large bedroom, this is a chair that can easily adapt to any interior.

Green Velvet Armchair Chair With Armrests
© Menzzo

This DANTES seat, between the chair and the armchair, offers perfect comfort. With its padded armrests and backrest as well as a small cushion to support the back, this Nordic style chair has combined modernity, elegance and comfort. Its black wooden feet also ensure good stability.

Set Of 2 Aldridge Chairs In Green Velvet With Armrests
© Urban Furniture

To give a refined side to a dining room, nothing like beautiful chairs. These have a sleek yet simple design. They will dress up your interior while infusing a nice touch of color. In addition, they are extremely comfortable!

Valentina Green Velvet Chair Armrests
© Conforama

This vintage-style chair, in pure Scandinavian style, is perfect for a cozy and modern interior. It can be paired with a natural and designer table to enhance it even more. It is perfect for a dining room, but also in an office or in a bedroom.

Lucy Chair With Green Velvet Armrests
© Conforama

This chair with armrests, in 100% polyester velvet, offers a generous seat and will give a lot of character to your living room. Opt for trendy seats by choosing a set of models like the Lucy chairs with their gold metal legs that provide a solid structure and a chic and modern design.

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