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An open space

A room without a window is not always inevitable! Thus, it is sometimes possible to open the space differently, in order to benefit from the natural light coming from a neighboring space.

An interior verriere between bedroom and living room
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In this spacious interior, we took advantage of the spacious living room to create a bedroom. However, it was not possible to add a window. As a partition, we therefore opted for the interior glass roof. In a contemporary interior, we forget the massive glass roof, workshop style, and we prefer a lighter model, in aluminum. If you want to be able to benefit from a certain privacy on demand, consider lining the canopy with a large curtain, sheer type, that you can open or close at will.

Glass Bricks As A Wall
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If you cannot knock down a partition and replace it with a glass roof, you can opt for glass bricks. Perfectly combining light and privacy, glass blocks also create a very cozy atmosphere. In this parental suite without window, it becomes possible to benefit from the light coming from the bathroom.

Sharp artificial lighting

Whether or not it is possible to open up the space enough to draw in natural light from another room, a windowless bedroom should benefit from well-thought-out artificial lighting. The first step is to choose and arrange the lights.

Luminous Ceiling
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In this large windowless room in the attic, we made the safe and reliable choice of recessed spotlights. However, additional highly targeted lighting is placed near the bed and the desk, in order to read and work while enjoying optimal visual comfort.

Bedroom With Canopy And Artificial Lighting Works
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In this windowless room with glass roof, it is impossible to hang wall lights. We therefore opted for trends as bedside tables – a practical and formidably trendy bias. The ceiling suspensions are fitted with lampshades. The trick for absolute comfort: play with light bulbs. Thus, white light is combined when it comes to seeing clearly for an activity requiring sight – reading, for example – and yellow light for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

A Fairy Lights In The Bedroom
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In a windowless bedroom of small dimensions, a multitude of light fixtures could weigh down the space and make it stuffy. Light garlands allow great flexibility, and they are therefore a smart and very decorative alternative.

String Lights
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If, on the contrary, you benefit from beautiful volumes, the light garland is a real asset for working on the light atmosphere and creating a truly dreamlike atmosphere, ideal in a bedroom without a window.

A well-chosen palette

In a windowless room, the colors must be chosen with the greatest care. White – the ultimate bright color – is not necessarily the best option.

Cream Bedroom
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To reconcile brightness and a cozy atmosphere, we play with shades of ecru, cream and beige. This type of palette, very natural, is ideal for furnishing a cocooning room. It also lends itself to different types of decor, since you can opt for a boho spirit, an ethnic chic atmosphere or Scandinavian inspiration.

Earth Of Clay And Red And Bright Pink
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If this room does not have a window, it benefits from natural light coming from the hallway. It is therefore allowed to dare the color. We chose here the clay earth color, combined with a warm palette of red and pink. The trick: bet on the wall facing the light source – here the hallway – by dressing it in a very light color, which will reflect the light.

Pastel Colors And Large Mirror
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Depending on the configuration of your room, a palette that is too colorful will be too dark or too stuffy. If you don’t want to give up a touch of color, bet on a timeless option: the pastel bedroom.

Bedroom Without Window Color Nude
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For a more sophisticated atmosphere, you can bet on slightly smoky shades, like the powder pink of this pretty windowless bedroom.

Decorating tips

In a windowless room, everything is good to sparkle the light. We therefore focus on decorative accessories, starting with the most essential: the mirror!

Large mirror in a room without window
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The large mirror placed on the floor is a classic that has largely proven its worth. In a windowless bedroom, it is perfect for boosting the light. It is preferably placed in front of the door. And we love the full-length mirror, which also makes sure you are impeccable when you dress. The little extra tip: put the mirror near the lights. It will thus discreetly double the amount of light available at nightfall.

Bamboo Ladder
© Bois Dessus Bois Dessous

In a windowless bedroom, it is better to give preference to minimalist furniture. Among the smartest parts: the ladder, which can be turned at will. You can use it as a clothes rack, or use it to work on the lighting of the room by dressing it with a light garland.

Vintage mirror
© Illuminated Mirrors

In just a few seasons, the hairdresser has made a comeback, settling in both the bathroom and the bedroom. In a windowless room, we rely on a mirror with integrated lighting, which allows maximum comfort despite the lack of natural light. It is also a perfect ally to give character to the decor, by opting for a very contemporary, romantic or retro and glamorous minimalist model.

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