Zornedinger supermarket cashier cheats senior citizen – Ebersberg

With a lousy scam, a supermarket cashier in Zorneding cheated a loyal customer for months. Overall, he cheated the 80-year-old by 2400 euros, as the Poing police have now announced. The discounter’s market management drew the police’s attention to the case on Thursday.

The 80-year-old customer regularly shops at the said discounter, paying for most of the goods with her EC card. The accused cashier asked the injured party before paying whether they needed a receipt. The woman denied this regularly. After the goods had been pulled over the belt, the cashier added another 200 euros to the regular purchase price for each purchase without her consent. The money was booked via “Pay Cash” in the cash register system. This is an offer from many discounters. This allows a customer to withdraw cash during the payment process. The sum is added to the purchase value and ultimately debited from the customer’s checking account.

In the present case, a total of twelve cases of illegal and fraudulent debits from the Zornedingerin’s account became known, according to the police. The injured party stated that it was only around six weeks ago that she became aware of the obviously increased debits on her account statements, since she was busy storing the goods when making any purchases and was distracted by this. The crime period described here goes back to the beginning of May of this year.

The accused employee – who has been released from work for the time being – is now awaiting a complaint of fraud in the criminal sense as well as consequences under labor law from his employer.

So far, the Poing police have not become aware of any other injured customers of the above discounter. The police recommend that you convince yourself of the final purchase price during the purchase before paying.

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