Zemmour? France is not waiting for “a Trump”, warns Marine Le Pen

Will there be a “Make France Great Again”? Marine Le Pen does not believe it. The leader of the RN indeed affirmed Saturday that she “did not share” the “theory according to which France expects a Trump” and that she had said so to the polemicist Eric Zemmour, whose intentions for the presidential election make the object of speculation.

“I told him that the theory according to which France is waiting for a Trump is a theory that I do not share,” said the candidate for the Elysee Palace in front of several journalists on the sidelines of her return to Fréjus (Var), while the he hypothesis of a candidacy of the polemicist, with very radical positions on immigration, agitates the National Assembly.

“We look at this with a lot of calm”

The head of the RN thinks that Eric Zemmour will be a candidate but that he “will not go to the end”. “When we make” Zemmour president “posters and look for sponsorships, it means that we are a candidate,” she said. But for a presidential campaign, which is an “obstacle course”, “you need a project, have it matured, teams, and gather sponsorships”. The possible candidacy of Eric Zemmour, “it neither worries me nor anguishes me, we look at it with a lot of calm” and without “feverishness”, she assured.

Regarding the decision of the CSA to count the speaking time of Eric Zemmour, she wished the respect of “all the rules, just the rules, but for everyone”. However, “we are going to have the moment of the third man. We had a lot of them, ”she said, citing the past candidacies of Jean-Pierre Chevènement, François Bayrou or Arlette Laguiller, as well as“ marginal ”candidacies close to her camp, such as Bruno Mégret, Philippe de Villiers or Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

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