Zelensky expects another Russian attack, 40% of homes in kyiv still without power

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news of the day

The Ukrainian army is on alert. After a first wave of bombings on infrastructure that caused massive water and electricity cuts, Ukrainians expect a new attack from Russia.

A Russian missile carrier has been sighted by the Ukrainian Navy in the Black Sea. Ten other Russian warships are currently in the Black Sea off Ukraine, along with several more in the Sea of ​​Azov and the Mediterranean Sea, for a total of 76 fireable warheads.

“Our defense forces are getting ready. The whole state is getting ready. We are working out all the scenarios”, estimated Volodymyr Zelensky during a speech on Sunday, in permanent contact with his Western partners.

sentence of the day

Violence and sexual crimes are part of the Russian arsenal”.

Olena Zelenska made these remarks during a conference in London. The Ukrainian First Lady believes that the Russian army uses sex crimes to “humiliate” Ukrainians and calls on world leaders for a “comprehensive response” to this scourge.

Sexual violence is “the cruellest, most animal way of proving domination”, supported Olena Zelenska. “At the moment, the prosecutor’s office is investigating more than 100” cases of alleged sexual crimes, said the wife of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The number of the day

40%. Like the number of homes without power in the kyiv region, according to its governor Oleksiï Kouleba. According to the national operator Ukrenergo, the country still faces an electricity deficit on Monday concerning 27% of homes and emergency cuts are still in force throughout the territory.

After the Russian army’s strikes last Wednesday on Ukrainian infrastructure, millions of civilians were left without electricity, as winter sets in in the country. The Ukrainian army said it expected a new salvo of Russian missiles on Monday, which could further damage the installations a little more. This would lead to further power outages.

The trend

Second state visit to America for Emmanuel Macron, with Ukraine at the heart of the program. The French president wants to take advantage of this visit to justify his diplomatic strategy on the conflict with Joe Biden: unfailing support for Ukraine, but also a dialogue with Moscow, so that the war ends “around a table of negotiations”.

Washington seems to be getting closer to this “at the same time” position advocated by the French head of state since his chief of staff, General Mark Milley, mentioned a possible window of opportunity for negotiations.

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