ZDF director Norbert Himmler: “The Germans love crime stories” – media

Director Norbert Himmler explains who ZDF wants to reach with its program, why it’s worth the money – and how the public broadcasters are getting out of the crisis.

Interviewed by

Claudia Tieschky

Norbert Himmler has been with us since March 2022 Director of ZDF up on the Lerchenberg in Mainz. He started here in 1997 as a freelancer. Later he was head of the then new station ZDF neo and then ZDF program director for almost ten years. Back then, Himmler and artistic director Thomas Bellut renovated the main program, which was still conservative, in many places with modern neo-appeal. Jan Böhmermann is just one example. Himmler receives in a conference room; in his office, he explains, the temperature is just 19 degrees. However, after he took office, he emphasized that nothing had been remodeled there RBB scandal precautionary.

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