Yuga Labs Continues Suing Artists Who Copy and Sell Bored Ape NFT Collection

The legal conflict between Yuga Labs and the artist and his NFT business partners continues. Because the US Federal Court Denied a petition to dismiss objections from the creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, according to documents atlodgeon friday

Yuga Labs file a lawsuitThe first was in June against California artist Ryder Ripps and NFT Not Larva Labs founder Jeremy Cahen, accusing them of copying and selling NFT collections and devaluing original Bored Ape products.

Defendants Ripps and Cahen filed a motion to drop objections from Yuga Labs in October. The Central District Court of California has rejected these claims.

“Our lawsuit that holds Ripps and Cahen liable for the apparent and flagrant theft of Yuga Labs trademarks will continue in full compliance with this judgment,” a Yuga Labs spokesperson wrote in a statement. They accused the couple of profiting from Yuga. “We will continue to prove these facts as the case progresses,” the spokesman said.

Ripps has described the lawsuit as an attack on his freedom of speech. And has previously said he will only agree to settle the lawsuit with a payment of at least $100 billion.

“RR/BAYC is a concept art that shows the truth about YugaLabs and states that NFTs cannot be copied,” Ryder Ripps said.

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