Young people arrested for a series of burglaries in schools – Bavaria

Numerous burglaries in various schools in Upper Bavaria are said to be the work of seven young people. Two, aged 16 and 17, are now in custody, the police said on Thursday. They were caught in the act when they wanted to break into a vocational school in Mühldorf am Inn at night in early December. This enabled investigators to track down the other five suspects. The oldest is 20 years old.

They have been charged with at least ten burglaries in schools in the northern district of Rosenheim and in the district of Mühldorf am Inn since October. According to the information, cash, electronic devices and school supplies in the five-digit range were stolen. According to the police, the crime caused damage of around 65,000 euros. Their goals were elementary, middle, secondary and vocational schools as well as a high school and a technical college. During a search of the apartment, the investigators were able to secure part of the presumed loot from one of the burglaries in an 18-year-old. The investigations are not yet complete, it said. The spokesman could not say whether the suspects are or were students of the schools.

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