You are high school seniors, how did your specialty tests go? Tell us !

Let’s go for the 2023 baccalaureate, with the written specialty tests which take place from Monday to Wednesday for mainland France, and next week for Reunion. These are the two major subjects chosen by each senior high school student as part of the new baccalaureate. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, this is the first time that these events have taken place in March, as they had been postponed to May last year. It is also the first time that they will be taken into account in Parcoursup. If you are a high school student, tell us your impressions of these tests.

What tests have you passed? Did you feel well prepared? Were you surprised by the subjects? Did you find them accessible? In the end, do you think you succeeded? Is the fact that grades are taken into account on Parcoursup played on your motivation in preparing for these events? Are you worried that the notes will harm your file or are you confident?

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