You are a teacher, how are you experiencing this day of tribute to Dominique Bernard?

A day of emotion and reflection in schools to pay tribute to Professor Dominique Bernard, killed in Arras by a radicalized ex-student. This Monday, teachers were able to meet with their colleagues early in the morning to talk.

The students only arrived at 10 a.m. and, after a time of discussion with the teachers, they will observe a minute of silence at 2 p.m. “in memory of the victims of the attacks committed against our school”, according to Gabriel Attal, three years old. day to the day after the assassination of Samuel Paty. In primary school, this time of homage and contemplation may take other forms, to take into account the age of the students.

You are a teacher, how was the discussion time with your colleagues from 8 a.m.? Did these discussions do you any good? Did you talk about the drama with your students in your lessons or did you wait for them to bring up the subject themselves? Did you feel supported by them? Have you witnessed negative reactions from certain students?

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