Yachts in Monaco: This is what a pier costs on the Formula 1 weekend

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By yacht in Monaco: This is what the super-rich paid for a place on the track

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Buying a yacht is extremely expensive. Driving a yacht is just as expensive. And no matter which port you want to dock in, you also have to expect hefty prices for parking. It gets even more expensive when there is something to see – the best example is probably the Monaco Grand Prix. The course of the track allows yacht owners to position themselves almost directly on the track and thus – surrounded by luxury – have a clear view of the Formula 1 racing action.

The yacht expert “Esysman Superyachts” recently calculated during a tour of the harbor what it normally costs to dock in the port of Monaco.

Formula 1 weekend particularly expensive

Even outside of major events, Monaco is not a cheap place. The cost of mooring in the centrally located Hercules Harbor is based on the total length of the yachts. As an example, the “Esysman” is a ship with a length of between 100 and 110 meters. To give you an idea: This would put the yacht at the bottom of the list of the longest yachts in the world, just barely, in the top 50.

In the low season, a day in the city’s port costs 1,411.20 euros. In the high season from May to the end of September, it is already 2,876.40 euros. If you book a whole month, you “save” a bit. Low season: 29,240.40 euros, high season 42,698.40 euros.

Monaco Formula 1 Yachts

The superyachts are lined up close together at the Monaco Grand Prix. The berthing fees are naturally particularly high on the Formula 1 race weekend.

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Anyone who wants to place their yacht near the course for the world-famous race in Port Hercules will have to pay significantly more. For example, the mega yacht “Faith” (IMO 1012828) of Canadian billionaire Michael Latifi in the first possible row. His ship is 97 meters long and thus one of the larger calibers. There is no room for it directly on the track – this is where the possibilities end according to the price chart (via “Luxury Launches“) already at 90 meters.

Around 130,000 euros for a 97-meter yacht

For a week – from May 20th to May 27th – he was in Zone 1. That is one pier further than the berths for smaller ships that are located directly on the shore – so still very close. With taxes, that cost him 129,990 euros according to the price list. In high season, that’s enough for almost three months in the harbor.

In return, Latifi was able to enjoy one of the most luxurious “hotels” on the route for a week. His “Faith” offers five decks, nine suites and 34 crew members who take care of everything on board. There are several fireplaces, a cinema, a swimming pool with a glass bottom and – should it get too warm – even a snow room to cool off in.

Despite the enormous luxury, Latifi’s ship was probably not the biggest eye-catcher on the race weekend. The “Seven Sins” (IMO 9822827), on which a Bugatti Chiron was placed for display purposes. The “Seven Sins” is a yacht owned by Belgian millionaire Hugo Verlinden, which can be chartered for around 300,000 US dollars per week. For the Grand Prix, it was used as an advertising space for an online broker.

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