Yacef Saadi, hero of the Battle of Algiers, died at the age of 93

Yacef Saadi, hero of the struggle for the independence of Algeria and leader of the rebellion in the capital during the “Battle of Algiers”, one of the key episodes of the war of independence (1954-1962), died Friday evening at the age of 93, we learned from official sources on Saturday.

In a statement, Mojahedin (ex-combatants) Minister Laid Rebiga hailed “a reckless leader who challenged the colonizer’s armies and fought them with an iron will, courage and abnegation until independence was recovered”.

He played his own role in the film “The Battle of Algiers”

The “Battle of Algiers” took place in 1957, when the French army attempted to regain control of the old city of Algiers, the Casbah from the Algerian fighters. The arrest of Yacef Saadi on October 14, 1957, marked the end. He was in charge of the “autonomous zone of Algiers” during this episode of the war which saw an increase in the actions of the FLN (National Liberation Front) and French repressive operations.

This baker from the Casbah, promoted military leader of the rebellion for the region of Algiers, had played his own role in 1966 in the film, “The Battle of Algiers”, by Italian filmmaker and Communist journalist Gillo Pontecorvo. This film, which Yacef Saadi had also produced, was banned for a long time in France, where it was only released in theaters in 2004.

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