WWDC 2023: What Apple could show at its keynote

WWDC 2023
What Apple could show at its keynote

Will Apple CEO Tim Cook (62) introduce a mixed reality headset on June 5?

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Every year the rumors boil up before Apple’s keynote. With which the tech giant could set new standards this year.

Every year, in the run-up to Apple’s keynote at the Worldwide Developer Conference, the technology industry speculates as to what market innovations the company has up its sleeve. Apple is not completely waterproof, in the past few years information has always been available in advance. But the group also manages to surprise its audience year after year. Here’s what the rumor mill could be saying next week:

It is certain that Apple will introduce two new operating systems: iOS 17 and watchOS 10 will form the basis for new devices in the future. And some of them should also be presented, at least that’s what industry insider Mark Gurman expects from “Bloomberg”. according to a tweet. A whole series of new Macs can be expected, fueling the rumors that have been circulating for months about a 15-inch MacBook Air as well as those about a new iMac Pro.

Which processors are used is a well-kept secret. However, there is some speculation about the presentation of a new M3 chip that could be accompanied by a new product line. The fact that Apple recently included devices with M2 chips in its exchange program is interpreted by some observers as an indication that the time could actually come as soon as next week and Apple will present its latest chip generation.

AR and VR from Apple? In 2023 it could finally be time

The real star, which many experts are counting on to present at WWDC23, is a mixed reality headset. Apple has been working on an augmented or virtual reality headset for well over a decade and the rumors about its presentation keep circulating. According to numerous rumours, it should finally be this year. Exactly what Apple has in mind is a matter of speculation, but there are indirect indications that the company is finally looking to get its foot in the door of virtual realities.

For example, Sean Murray, co-founder of Hello Games, which produces the game “No Man’s Sky”, has had several apples since May 29th on his Twitter feed posted. Observers of the scene interpret this as a sign that Apple could enter into a cooperation with the space game released in 2016. Because this was also playable in VR from the start, it stands to reason that Apple’s new headset will actually be presented next week.

What an AR headset from Apple could cost and where you can see the WWDC23 live

However, Hello Games already announced in 2022 that they were working on a version for Mac and iPad – so will this only be presented next week or is “No Man’s Sky” one of the first games that would be optimized for an Apple headset? Because Murray or Hello Games didn’t let themselves be carried away by further information in the last week, we have to wait and see. If Apple introduces the headset, more will finally be known about the price of the device, which is currently being rumored to be up to $3,000.

So far, Apple has only officially confirmed the schedule for WWDC23 in a press release. It starts at 10 a.m. local time in California, which means in Germany we can tune in on Monday, June 5th from 7 p.m. Those interested can watch the keynote live via the official Apple home page as well as via Apple TV, on Youtube and track in Apple’s developer app.


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