Würzburg: Parents of the killed police student receive 15,000 euros – Bavaria

Four years after the deadly shot at a police student in Würzburg, the shooter has to pay 15,000 euros to the parents of the dead man. A spokesman for the Würzburg Regional Court confirmed on Friday that this was the result of a settlement that the family had concluded with the now 23-year-old in a civil lawsuit. The 15,000 euros include the survivor’s benefit and the funeral costs. Several media had previously reported on Thursday’s trial.

It was a sensational case: In February 2019, a 21-year-old police student was accidentally shot by a colleague in a Würzburg barracks while playing with the gun. According to his own statements, the then 19-year-old classmate was not aware that there was a bullet in the barrel of the gun. He was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence of one year and three months.

The Bavarian riot police, which is responsible for police training, conducted internal investigations after the incident. According to her own statements, however, she did not discover any structural problem areas in weapons and shooting training. Nonetheless, additional safety measures have been introduced to ensure pistols are properly discharged.

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