Wrong preparation: Oatmeal makes you fat

1. Mistake: Using a finished product

Ready-made products generally often contain additives such as preservatives, flavour enhancers or sugar. These are not only unhealthy, but also affect how full you feel and therefore how much you eat of it and throughout the day.

Even if not all products contain these additives, you can safely do without them. Because you don’t need any ready-made products for your perfect porridge breakfast. Soft-melting oat flakes are just as creamy and delicious when soaked or boiled.

2. Mistake: Too big a portion

Thanks to the complex carbs, oatmeal provides a particularly good and long-lasting feeling of satiety. However, you can easily overestimate the amount you need to feel full.

First of all, the portion of oatmeal looks smaller when raw than when it has been swollen. In addition, many people underestimate how long it takes for them to feel full. Unfortunately, they are often tempted to spoon the whole bowl clean once the meal has been prepared, even if they are already full.

If you are normally hungry, a portion of oatmeal of 40 to 50 grams is enough for most people. It is best to eat slowly – to give your body time to notice that you are full – and work your way up to the ideal amount for you personally. This will also prevent an unpleasant feeling of fullness.

3. Mistake: No fresh fruit

Fruit not only contains vitamins, but also, depending on the variety, a lot of fiber. Apples, for example, contain a lot of valuable pectin, which ensures long-lasting satiety. If you sometimes like to eat a little more oatmeal because you’re afraid you won’t feel full, fresh fruit is a must.

Berries are also a great topping for your oatmeal. They are low in calories, rich in nutrients and add a lot of flavor and a pleasant sweetness to your breakfast.

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