World Day of a Hearty Laughter: Why we should all do it more often – even if it is sometimes difficult

When was the last time you had a hearty laugh? Do not you know? The time has come! Because laughter not only makes us happier and brings us back to the here and now, but if practiced regularly, it can also prolong our life, for example by significantly reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and our stress level quickly and sustainably.

But those are far from the only benefits of laughter. When we laugh, we are completely in the moment, forget worries and fears and release so much of the happiness hormone serotonin that we even feel less pain. Apart from that, we infect other people with our hearty laughter and at the same time appear more sympathetic to strangers and friends.

How to learn to laugh more

So laughing is worth it. Even if you don’t feel like laughing at all at the moment. That doesn’t mean that you should just laugh away all your problems and worries. But: If you want to get a little cocktail of happiness hormones in the short term, you can force yourself to laugh.

Namely, by first laughing artificially – because the brain cannot distinguish between real and fake. The result: the fake grin quickly turns into a real laugh. That’s because our brain releases happy hormones as soon as we start laughing.

Sometimes, when we have a bond with our counterpart, it is enough if someone in our environment laughs. This is doubly helpful – because we can get infected – or bring a little more joy to our environment by laughing. Try more than desired.

source: Guide to laughter, AOK health magazine

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