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This woman is making a statement.

The ZDF commentator Claudia Neumann (58) is with the World Cup in Qatar in action. There she comments on the game between USA and Wales on Monday evening ( here in the BILD live ticker).

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Source: ZDF


At the beginning she makes an outfit statement.

What is she wearing?

Neumann sits in the stadium wearing a black shirt with a rainbow logo. On her arm she has an armband, also in the colors that stand for diversity and tolerance.

She greets TV viewers with these words: “Welcome to the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium for game three on day two of the tournament. It could have been a legendary, proud World Cup day, but let’s all spend it discussing the expressions of solidarity that we saw at one point. Namely today with the team of Iran (at 2:6 in the game against England, the editors).

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Source: ZDF


The tears of the supporters in the stands will certainly be a picture of this World Cup – and then, of course, this silent protest by the Iranian national team when the national anthem is played. Incidentally, this is also a big topic in the American national team. Your World Cup quarters here in Doha are completely flagged up in rainbow colors, the discussions are very lively there too.”

Background: Germany and six other nations snuggled in front of Fifa on Monday and will not wear the “One Love” armband at the World Cup in Qatar as a sign of discrimination and diversity.

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