World Cup in Andorra: “Madness!”: German double podium at the ski season finale

World Cup in Andorra
“Wahnsinn!”: German double podium at the ski season finale

Romed Baumann took second place in the downhill in Andorra. photo

© Jean-Christophe Bott/KEYSTONE/dpa

Romed Baumann and Andreas Sander race onto the podium in the last descent of the winter. It is the greatest success for the German men in the supreme discipline since 1992. An Austrian wins.

Romed Baumann and Andreas Sander raised their arms one after the other, Vincent Kriechmayr standing between them applauded appreciatively.

The German alpine men showed a strong performance in the last descent of the season and surprisingly clinched two more podium places. Baumann was second in the Austrian Kriechmayr’s victory in Andorra, Sander third – what an exclamation point for the German speed team, which was in such a crisis at times this winter.

Kira Weidle ninth in the downhill

That feels “sensational,” said Baumann. It was “madness”, Sander added. While Kira Weidle finished ninth when Slovenian Ilka Stuhec won the women’s downhill, her male teammates were already enjoying their first cold drinks in the finish area. The last time there were two Germans on an alpine World Cup podium was in 2014 in the slalom of Madonna di Campiglio, in the men’s downhill it is the first time since 1992.

For Baumann it was the first World Cup podium in a little over eight years. He “mercilessly exploited” his starting number one this time, said the 37-year-old. In addition, Sander’s second place in the Aspen Super-G ten days earlier had inspired him again, the veteran explained. “It’s so cool” to be on the podium with the 33-year-old in Soldeu, said Baumann. In December he finished sixth in the Beaver Creek downhill. After that, there was less light than shadow in his season.

Sander also experienced some disappointments this winter and sometimes struggled with his equipment. Towards the end, however, the form curve of the Ennepetaler pointed upwards again. He felt very good, he reported after his trip. “An incredibly awesome team success” is that for the Germans. Whether athletes, coaches or service people – everyone stayed tuned despite the interim setbacks.

Fourth win of the season Kriechmayr

Baumann and Sander, who will start again in the Super-G on Thursday, did not get past one of the two dominators of the premier class, but this time too. For Kriechmayr it was the fourth win of the season. Aleksander Aamodt Kilde won the other six downhill runs of the winter. Even before the race, the Norwegian was the overall winner in the fastest of all disciplines. This time he was sixth. He was 0.17 seconds short of the podium. That, for once, was firmly in German hands.


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