World Cup 2022: Japanese fans clean up the stadium – and the team the cabin

victory against Germany
Japanese fans clean up the stadium – and the team clean up the dressing room

After the win against Germany, some fans of the Japanese team stayed in the stadium to clean up after themselves

© Yuma Suguro / Picture Alliance

After the surprising victory against Germany at the 2022 World Cup, the fans of the Japanese team caused enthusiasm with an exemplary action. They collected rubbish in the stadium – and the players themselves also cleaned up behind them.

While the start of the World Cup was more than unfortunate for Germany, the Japanese were able to celebrate a “historic victory”, as the international media called the start of the “Samurai Blue” tournament. But before the fans celebrated the victory, they cleaned up the Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar.

Japanese collect rubbish from the 2022 World Cup

In pictures circulating on social media, Japanese viewers can be seen packing food wrappers, empty bottles and cups into blue garbage bags. They meticulously cleaned the venue – and not for the first time. Similar scenes were seen at the World Cup in Russia after a 3-2 defeat by Belgium in the round of 16. The Japanese also cleaned up the rubbish at the start of the tournament this year. After a game in which her own team was not even involved. Ecuador and Qatar were in the opening game.

Back at the 2018 tournament, Scott North, a professor of sociology at Osaka University, told the BBC that for the Japanese, cleaning up means “showing pride in their way of life”. Cleanliness is considered an important part of Japanese culture that people learn from an early age. “Cleaning up after football games is an extension of the basic behaviors taught in school, where children clean their classrooms and hallways,” the expert said.

The fans from Japan have often received exuberant praise for their exemplary behavior. What looks like an extraordinary action for many nations is simply everyday life for the Japanese. The British”express‘ quotes the fans as saying: ‘Japanese people never leave garbage. We respect the place.” To this end, they are often said to bring their own garbage bags to the games.

Not only the fans tried to leave the stadium tidy, but also the team itself. They left the changing rooms in the stadium sparkling clean. The towels folded and stacked, the rest of the food lined up on the table in the middle. Players even left a thank-you note in Japanese and Arabic, along with intricately folded origami birds.

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