Works of street art in scrabble letters, to be discovered during a treasure hunt

Scrabble pieces assembled at the corner of a street to form a message of love near old stones or a door full of charm, it’s signed Wordsbywabisabi. A name that refers to the Japanese concept of Wabisabi which can be translated as “finding beauty in the imperfections of passing time”. The couple of street artists may have already caught your eye with their creations, in the Chartrons district or in Darwin. The Parisian couple have set their sights on Bordeaux for some time and are organizing a treasure hunt this Saturday with small works to take home. It will be necessary to follow carefully his Instagram page from this Saturday morning.

A crush on Bordeaux

It is a treasure hunt that he has already organized several times in Paris and this is the first time that he has relocated it outside the capital. He chose Bordeaux, seduced by the vivacity of the street-art scene in Bordeaux and the enthusiastic reactions after their dozens of contributions dotted around town.

All the clues are given on the artists’ instagram page, including details on the architecture near which the works are located. “In general it goes very quickly, sometimes in thirty minutes”, comments Mr Wabi. The mosaic tiles decorated by the couple for the occasion will be hidden in the morning and flushed out in the afternoon. If they are discovered in the meantime, it will be a reward for those who have a “wandering eye” on the city’s heritage, points out Mr Wabi. The couple defends through their works a “generous, free and accessible practice”.

Accustomed to antiquing to quench their passion for Scrabble letters, the couple also receive a lot of donations. He hopes that his treasure hunting operation will count triple in the hearts of Bordeaux residents.

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