Witness of a drowning, a man jumps into the water to rescue the victim

He found himself trapped in the swell, pushed by a strong wind on Tuesday afternoon in Nice. A swimmer in his thirties who was drowning near the Promenade des Anglais was brought back to shore and revived thanks to the intervention of a good Samaritan. This 44-year-old man, who witnessed the scene, did not hesitate to dive to assist him while waiting for the arrival of the firefighters, we learned from the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service of the Alpes-Maritimes ( Sdis 06).

It was a little after 5 p.m. when Sdis 06 received the alert. Arrived on site, at the tip of Rauba Capeu, in their watercraft, the firefighters were able to recover the two people in the water. The forty-year-old, unscathed, had been able to keep the victim, already unconscious and in cardiorespiratory arrest, on the surface.

Hospitalized “in serious condition”

Thanks to resuscitation and “to the effectiveness of the rescue chain”, the victim was able to resume cardiac activity, finally specified Sdis 06. This man was then transported “in serious condition” to the Pasteur 2 hospital center .

A fire lieutenant interviewed by nice morning asks “people not to get in the water” this Wednesday, when “strong swell phenomena” are still expected. In general, he “calls for vigilance, not to swim alone and to avoid rocky areas”, recalling that “the aid stations are not activated” and that “the water is still cold” . On Tuesday, the recorded temperature was 14°C.

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