“With speed-dating, I made people around me cry,” says Hervé.

“There was emotion, you have to be strong to meet girls like that”, Bernadette, Hervé’s mother, slips us. Last Monday, she was at her son’s side to follow the first episode of the new season of Love is in the meadow. Diffusion has been the main topic of discussion for several weeks in their Picardy village of 65 souls and in the surrounding area.

“People talk to me about it daily and then, I’m a player, I had let it be known that I was on television that night. The mayor even passed a little word about me in the municipal bulletin, ”emphasizes the dairy farmer.

“What I experienced, I managed to transmit it through the screen”

So it really had to be done on purpose in the area to skip the M6 ​​show and the first episode of speed-dating. “I made people around me cry… The exchange of glances with Stéphanie, for example, marked a lot of people. What I experienced, I managed to transmit it through the screen ”, estimates the one who rediscovered his meetings“ with another eye ”.

At the end of his three tête-à-tête, Hervé chose to invite Stéphanie and Vanessa to the farm. And he was careful not to warn his mother, as shown in the second episode. “She knew the suitors were coming because the dates were set, but I kept a secret,” he explains. My parents didn’t know much about them, they didn’t know anything about the content of the letters and even their first names. I had simply told them about their region of origin. “I would have liked to know more because it was stressful”, admits Bernadette.

“Not knowing too much helps to encourage meeting and discussion,” defends the farmer. When you don’t know anything about a person, simple, basic questions remain to be asked. “

“With my mother, we like to tease each other”

Above all, at 43, Hervé intends to take his life in hand and leave the parental cocoon by making his decisions alone, without outside interference. “There is the Hervé from before and there will be the Hervé after the show. It’s a big upheaval in life anyway, ”says the quadra who has gradually gained more self-confidence.

Seeing the cameras rolling down the farm was overwhelming at first. “You shouldn’t be impressed,” he said. As we go along, we get used to it, we put ourselves in our bubble and we forget that we are filmed. If you want to do things right and show your life, you have to be as natural as possible. “

Bernadette, she admits to being “a little impressed all the same”. However, she bursts the small screen and should establish herself as one of the characters of this season. “With mom, in our exchanges, we have a smile, we have fun. We like to joke, tease each other. We take advantage of the moment with the camera, we must not have a dull image. Life is quite difficult like that, you might as well do things with joy, in a good atmosphere “, confides Hervé, before specifying that his father” is more reserved and prefers to be quiet, as a spectator. “

The neighbors also remain discreet. They saw the shoot, but the breeder trusts them to hold their tongue: “They know what show I’m on, they’re not going to sing that to everyone. “Too bad for Hervé’s friends who ask him” a lot of questions about the final choice “. “As I am mysterious, I do not say anything to anyone,” he concludes. Bernadette approves: “We must leave them in the suspense. “

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