With its Alec platform, EduMedia wants to “give children the desire to learn through play”

Alec educational games are created by the company EduMedia, based in Bordeaux. – Alec

  • Alec, a new online educational platform for children aged 4 to 11, was created by the Bordeaux company EduMedia, a benchmark in the educational community.
  • It’s just launched, and it’s available for free until the end of June.
  • “We recreated the codes of video games to obtain a very playful platform, the object being to give children the desire to learn through games” explains Lisa Bouquil, in charge of commercial strategy and communication at EduMedia.

In full third confinement and while school is now done at home, he is a welcome newcomer to the world of online educational games for children. Developed by the Bordeaux company
EduMedia, a benchmark in the educational environment, the new Alec educational platform, which is aimed at children from kindergarten to CM2, is what is more
free until the end of June, the time to make itself known to the general public.

“Even if we are also addressing teachers, Alec is positioning itself for parents as a platform for academic support,” summarizes Lisa Bouquil, responsible for commercial strategy and communication at EduMedia. Additions, subtractions, geometry, grammar, conjugation, spelling, placement of punctuation, construction of sentences … “Alec brings together 90 games, and covers all the fundamentals in learning French and Maths, aligned with the school program” continues Lisa Bouquil.

Inspired by a Quebec platform

The educational content was developed largely on the Quebec side, where EduMedia has a branch. “Alec is inspired by a Quebec educational platform, Polygon games, created by a cognitician, Gilles Bergeron, explains the communications manager. EduMedia bought the rights to modernize this platform, while keeping the educational objectives and intelligence of Jeux Polygone. The pedagogical director and co-director of EduMedia, Charles Sol, also made a significant contribution to the development of the content.

The graphics were entirely produced in Bordeaux, around the EduMedia team, which has around ten people. For this project, she also called on animators and illustrators from the world of video games, in particular from Ubisoft, present in Bordeaux. “We recreated the codes of video games to obtain a very playful platform, the object being to make children want to learn through games, since we now know that we learn better when we has fun ”says Lisa Bouquil. In his educational journey, the child thus collects stones of knowledge to help Alec, a little fennec, in his quest.

At the end of the free period, the game will be offered at a price of 5 euros per month, or 50 euros per year. A specific price is set for professionals. EduMedia, on the other hand, did not wish to leave an app for tablets and smartphones, for the moment. “We remain a website, to free ourselves from online stores, and for issues of development costs, but if there is a real demand from the general public, we will reconsider things. “

An interactive scientific encyclopedia translated into eight languages

Straddling the publishing house and the creative studio, EduMedia has been a publishing company specializing in the creation of digital content for education for the past fifteen years. She is based in Bordeaux in the heart of the Chartrons district.

“Our concept is to develop very visual content,” explains Lisa Bouquil. In particular, we have a platform, EduMedia Sciences, which is an interactive scientific encyclopedia for primary and secondary school teachers, which is already well known in the community, and especially internationally, since it is translated into eight languages. With Alec, and thanks to a health crisis that has increased interest in online educational content, EduMedia hopes to attract a new audience, and to reach a plateau in the coming months.


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