With cable ties: Electrician father gets daughters ready for school

Watch the video: With cable ties and creativity – the father of an electrician gets his daughters ready for school.

‘Self is the Electrician Man’ – When Chelsea, the mother of two daughters, overslept on December 12 last year, her husband, Matt, took on a hairy challenge.

Four-year-old Scout and two-year-old Hendrix need to get ready for school. The goal of dad and daughters: if possible not to wake mom.

So the bedroom where the girls’ hair clips are kept is declared a no-go zone.

Matt, an electrician by trade, instead sees what he can find in his toolbox.

When Chelsea finally woke up, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“He really believed cable ties would be perfect for keeping hair in place and it actually worked better than I thought it would.” – Chelsea

“They started slipping out a bit though, and obviously we swapped them out for regular hair ties before the two went to school.” – Chelsea

“But they made us all laugh – the girls especially thought it was super fun.” – Chelsea

Sometimes necessity is not only the mother of invention, but can also bring a lot of joy. At least for the family of four in southern Utah, USA, it worked wonderfully.

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