“With 300 euros, that’s more than 30 volumes, you can take everything” My Hero Academia “”

“Hello, I’m going to take the store, I’m paying with the Culture Pass”, nobody said since it’s a picture of the first Manga Café in Paris – DURAND FLORENCE / SIPA

“I don’t buy manga. Ok, thank you for this anonymous contribution to our call for testimonials on the Culture Pass, which has become the Manga Pass, as the booksellers have seen and the mangavores have posted on social networks.

“For my part, I bought the 17 volumes of Demon Slayer, 5 volumes of The attack of the Titans, volumes 1 and 2 of Tokyo Ghoul, volumes 0 and 1 of Jujustu kaisen, and here I am looking for a bookstore that offers the volumes of Chainsaw Man and Tokyo Revengers, tells us Maël, 18 years old. In total, I was able to afford 200 euros of manga thanks to the pass. “

“With 300 euros, that’s more than 30 volumes! “

You are several dozen to have testified (thank you again) and it appears that the Culture Pass has served, for many of you, to complete series. Laura has thus completed Yona, Princess of Dawn, Noragami and Jujutsu kaisen, respectively manga of 35, 23 and 9 volumes. Theo, he bought parts 7 and 8 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, or 44 volumes in all. At 7 euros per volume, we are indeed at a total of 308 euros. Dante had also taken out his calculator: “300 euros, that’s more than 30 volumes! Between 6.50 and 8.50 euros the volume and given the number of possible series, there is a choice. We can do for example the collection of My Hero Academia and its 28 volumes released. “

My Hero Academia, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Dr. Stone, The Promised Neverland, Black Cover… The most cited manga of the Culture Pass are often the behemoths of the market, but also long series, for which you need a budget. “I was able to buy the last volumes that I lacked Tokyo Ghoul, a manga that I have always liked but which I never completed my collection for lack of money, ”says Solène.

“I had stopped buying manga because of the budget”

She continues: “I had stopped buying manga because of the budget, but also because I refused to read my favorite series illegally out of admiration and respect for the authors. Today, I can indulge myself without feeling guilty! Besides, I bought manga because CD level or other, there are no articles that attract my interest. Museums are also free since I’m 18, so I was able to spend everything on books. »Solène also ordered Demon slayer, the volumes that follow the film The Infinity Train that she was able to see at the cinema.

The Culture Pass allowed Clément to make some great manga-level discoveries: “We should not be confined to blockbusters such as One piece or The attack of the Titans, and rather look for small series, generally between 10 and 20 volumes. It allowed me to discover The Little Bookmaker and So I’m a spider, so what? With a ceiling of 300 euros, you have to make the right choices. “Myriam, a 19-year-old student with little money, accessed the Pass Culture beta version, and therefore 500 euros,” a help so that I can finally contribute to my passion that are manga, anime and Japanese culture . »She preferred not to take the complete to test a multitude of different manga, and is now buying the sequel as and when.

“Me, at 18, I had nothing as a pass, it’s shameful”

What about the others, younger or older? Hanna, 17, is already planning: “I will soon be 18 and the first manga I will take is Fairy tail. This manga is a classic with a bit of an understatement, but it’s a masterpiece worth reading ”. Mélanie still has a little time, she is 15 years old, but she “thinks of buying the 22 volumes of Tokyo Revengers, the anime is way too good ”. Sarah is 20 years old and cannot benefit from the Culture Pass, but she is smart: “My sister has the pass! “. Aurélia, 34, takes it less well: “Me, at 18, I had nothing like a pass. Not even help with the purchase of university books. It is shameful. I would have liked to have had one to buy manga and complete a few collections. I do not find this new pass system normal, which did not exist before ”.

At 44 years old, Ben plunges back into full nostalgia: “I would have bought classic manga from my generation, even if I like the new titles. I would have taken all Dragon ball, One piece, Noritaka, Ken the survivor, The Knights of the Zodiac, Sailor moon, Death Note, Berserk… ” Berserk still has fans in the new generation. It has been months since Arthur, 18, bought the volumes one by one, and he was able to complete his collection at once thanks to the Culture Pass: “It’s an incredibly well drawn and written manga that you absolutely have to read on paper. However, they are costing more and more because of their success. It becomes difficult to get hold of them, especially when the series last over dozens and dozens of volumes. So we had the perfect opportunity to complete our collections, or to discover new stories. “

“Small rant against this embezzlement of 300 euros”

Among all these testimonials from fans, including many girls, there had to be a dissonant voice, that of Pierre-Antoine, 18 years old: “I don’t read manga, and to be honest, I find this kind. so not to my taste that I find it hard to believe that we can slam 300 euros of Pass Culture in “manga culture”. On the contrary, I think that the aim of this initiative was not to propose a budget to buy a single type of culture, if it is indeed one, but on the contrary to diversify the culture offer ”. He bought a subscription to read the press. “In short, a little rant against this embezzlement of 300 euros which would be better used to read more varied, to see further. “

Barbara, 18, also sees further: “I bought volume 3 to 15 of Dr Stone, or about 100 euros. And I intend to spend the remaining 200 euros on other manga ”.



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